Larson Campaign | Mar 30th, 2015 | Campaign News
By Pat Castellano from Duluth. The Duluth News Tribune — 3/29/15


I’m supporting Emily Larson for our next mayor. She has solid knowledge of the community, business, development, neighborhoods, and its parks and lands.

What has me really excited? Her ideas for the future of Duluth and how to get there. She gets that libraries serve everyone. She recognizes that the arts make us a zenith city. Honoring artists at City Council meetings? Genius!

Watch her work as City Council president. Larson does her homework; she is leading with confidence and grace. I’m excited about her respect for citizens, neighborhoods and individual voices and opinions, her creative vision and thoughtful deliberations, and her willingness to incorporate fresh ideas.

What’s really great is how many people she knows from neighborhoods across Duluth. Larson values those relationships. And when she says “community,” she means everyone.

When looking at a mayoral candidate’s platform and goals, we’re skeptical of the promise to do everything. Larson doesn’t do that. She stands for what she believes in and follows through. She doesn’t make believe we’ll agree on everything, and she realizes solving the city’s issues relies on the stories and experiences and observations of the people in the community.

Join me in supporting Emily Larson for mayor.


Pat Castellano